Invest in shares of prime real estate without the landlord headaches

How Does Crowdfunding Real Estate Work?


Buy shares of lucrative income-producing real estate properties and own direct real estate – without the landlord headaches.


Monitor your portfolio online down to the smallest detail – see detailed real-time reports showing the monthly incomes of each apartment unit and corresponding expenses – view exactly how your profit is generated.


Earn passive income each month paid directly into your bank account. Your investment value grows as the mortgage is paid down and if property values appreciate.

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Crowdsourcing poised to level playing field for investors

Who we Are

About Us

Open Avenue was founded to enable all types of investors the ability to invest in attractive real estate investments - without the landlord headaches. There is presently a large barrier to entry for casual investors to invest in direct real estate on their own - whether it be the time, experience or capital amounts required. Open Avenue aims to bring real estate investing to the masses where investors can invest in stable and secure real estate projects across Canada while partnering with an experienced developer to identify and manage the opportunities.Open Avenue brings real estate investment into the digital world by providing real-time reports, transparency and insight into property income and expenses, valuations and operations.We’re super excited to unveil Open Avenue to the crowd and build our community together.

Our Mission

  1. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in quality direct real estate
  2. We believe real estate investment should be 100% transparent, so that you know exactly what bricks and mortar you own and how your income is being generated.
  3. We believe you shouldn't have to put up tens of thousands of dollars into a single property. Investors should have the opportunity to pool together to own investment-grade property without layers of management diluting their investment.
  4. We believe you shouldn't have to plunge toilets and deal with midnight tenant phone calls in order to own real estate.

Meet the Team

Tim McKillican

Founder and President of Open Avenue

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Tim McKillican

Chris Richard

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Richard



Why Invest?

How does real estate generate investment returns?

1. Cashflow

Tenants pay rental income each month that cover all property expenses – mortgage payment, insurance, maintenance, property tax, utilities, etc.   The leftover cashflow is distributed directly to investors, monthly.

2. Mortgage Paydown

The monthly rental income pays down the mortgage balance each month, increasing your equity in the property and corresponding account value.

3. Market Growth

If market rents increase due to various factors such as building improvements, a growing economy, increased immigration, or inflation – the earning potential of your property increases and so does its value and your investment share.

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